Presentation / philosophy

In 2012 KCR Mechanical Technology was created with the ambitious challenge of being a workshop of excellence, an open long-term fair collaborator for the professionals of thermoforming.
From the cutting tools (any format and cutting system) to the moulds, heating plates, welding electrodes, and spare parts; our highly qualified teams will guide you throughout your project and will develop customized solutions, ensuring a rapid return on investment.

Thanks to its experience and knowledge, our team will provide you with technical solutions regarding manufacturing & repairing projects. With evolving materials, higher demands every day, our advice will be a real support for your business.

Our fully equipped Quality Department ensures the quality of our production. Everything is available to make sure that no pieces get out without checking: from the complete metrology equipment to coordinate measuring machine, the research of the quality is a constant challenge.

We work together to ensure quality, functionality, deadlines, and a fair price.